Seven Wood Consulting has evolved from projects for residential clients, businesses and creatives by founder Niamh Banks. From building stores and collections, and with her industry experience, Niamh’s passion is in the creative process and development of ideas.


The process of consultation is to design for specific needs, rather than merely considering aesthetics. It is also centred on the values of creating lasting and thoughtful spaces and experiences.




We Can Consult On Your Next Project


Good design can increase the quality of your life and has the ability to create feelings of joy, security, comfort and creativity. Good design is not just aesthetically pleasing, it should work for you. You should get a return.

Our philosophy is based around quality in materials and craftsmanship, and individuality based on the space and on your needs, using your home as a canvas to express and create.

Colour consulting

Room / home layout and planning

Furniture and lighting


Create a story through experiences. Go beyond the functional base of what your business does and create a story through which your customers can experience your brand.

We guide and direct, to deliver a visual and a narrative to your business.

Art Direction and Project Management

Styling and merchandising

Brand development and story


Great artists ship – Steve Jobs

With in-depth industry knowledge and a sensitivity to the process of creativity, we take artistry and help develop saleable, desirable products. With our expertise in delivering commercially viable ranges to market, the process is collaborative and tailored.

Product and range development

Sales and marketing

Industry insight