Modern Time by Duda (2019)


Original artwork by David Uda

Acrylic, spray, ink on canvas 

700 x 1000mm


Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding David Uda’s original artwork. We can arrange in situ viewing should that be required. 


Born in London in 1980, Irish-Italian artist David Uda (Duda) now lives and works between Dublin and New York. With a background in fashion and a love for the aesthetics of shape and form, Duda’s distinctive style is known for his use of colour, while his paintings can be characterized by his appreciation for beauty, combined with his own take on modern day life and pop culture. Unafraid to experiment with any artistic format, Duda is  known for exploring a wide variety of techniques, ranging from original stencil compositions to glasswork, along with his use of mixed media. 

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